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Following is a very abbreviated list of changes and new features. As always see the docs in the tarball for a much more detailed description of the changes and additions. New I/O: Native code and Java API support for both of TINI s CAN controllers Javax.comm support for all serial ports. 2 extra serial ports with flow control are now supported More compatible API: MANY changes have been made to the API to make it more compliant with 1.1.8. There is now a text file that details all of the differences between the java.* classes in jdk1.1.8 and the classes in tiniclasses.jar. Slush: Slush has been largely separated from the API binary. Several new commands have been added. Two notable additions are wd (for watchdog timer configuration) and pollmemory. pollmemory is used to assist in memory profiling and a graphical client has been provided to display memory usage vs. time. Commands now use less memory and execute faster. Some commands use much less memory. stats for example used around 6K in beta1 and now consumes about 96 bytes. Performance: The system as a whole is faster and uses less memory than beta1.