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Caveats, bugs and things to know

Any information regarding this page can be posted on the TINI Mailing List (tini@ibutton.com) or sent to me directly (rohaly@junun.org)

A plain-text, printer-friendly version of these pages can be found at Caveats.txt

Things to know about Beta 1:
  1. Support for long, float, and double primitive types (Long, Float, and Double classes as well)
  2. There is currently no support for trigonometric and most other methods in the java.lang.Math class.
  3. Multi dimensional arrays implemented
  4. checkcast and instanceof work in all cases
  5. System.exit(int) implemented
  6. New Java I/O Support Memory mapped I/O using any chipselect and address offset. I2C using port pins P5.0 and P5.1 (C0TX and C0RX, pins 8 and 9 on 68 pin SIMM) I2C using any two memory mapped latches. Access to the available port pins on the processor (P3.0 - P3.5 and P5.0 - P5.3) BE CAREFUL WITH THESE, YOU CAN RESET THE SMC CHIP AND CAUSE MAJOR DEATH AND DESTRUCTION WITH THESE PINS! KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING BEFORE HACKING.
  7. DNS and DHCP support
  8. The FTP Server now accepts mixed case commands for FTP clients that need this.
  9. com.dalsemi.nethack.EthernetAccess class has been deprecated. Look at the com.dalsemi.tininet.TININet class for the same functionality. Any deprecated classes will be removed before the final release.
  10. Java URL class support (http:, ftp:, mailto:, file:)
  11. TMEX iButton communication layer added to API
  12. Minor Java Virtual Machine speedups
  13. Minor memory management speedups
  14. Updated tini.jar
  15. Updated JavaKit
  16. i2ctest - Simple example on how to use the I2C interface with port pins or memory mapped latches. Talks to DS1621 temperature sensor at address 0x90.
  17. 19200 bps version of JavaKit now available

Slush in Beta 1:
  1. FTP SERVER The FTP server now accepts case insensitive commands for FTP clients that need this.
  2. FILE OWNERSHIP AND PERMISSIONS Files now have an owner name associated with them. If you execute the command 'ls -l' you will see a screen similiar to:
            -rwx--- root        673 09-13-99 16:40  index.html
            -rwx--- root        186 09-13-99 16:42  web.log
            -rwx--- root        531 09-13-99 16:39  EchoServer.tini
            -rwx--- root       4186 09-13-99 16:40  TINIWebServer.tini
            drwxr-x root          3 00-00-00 00:00  etc
    The permissions for etc, from left to right, indicate directory(d), owner-read(r), owner-write(w), owner-execute(x), world-read(r), NOT-world-write(-) and world-execute(x). Permissions are associated with each user account.
  3. COMMANDS New commands include:
       - startserver - Now works for FTP and Telnet servers
       - downserver  - Now works for FTP and Telnet servers
       - nslookup    - Obtain IP addresses for DNS names, or do reverse lookups.
       - ipconfig    - Can set IP address more than once.  Can also set primary and
                       secondary DNS servers.
       - su          - Assume the identity of another user
       - logout      - Same as exit
       - who         - Show who is logged in
       - whoami      - Prints current user name
       - setenv      - Display or set environment variables
       - wall        - Send a message to everybody's terminal
       - history     - stores a history of commands executed at the slush prompt
                       Use !!, !<str>, !#, or up and down arrows to access
                       particular entries
       - source      - Execute commands in a script file
       - genlog      - Toggle log file generation on boot
    Type 'help' at the command line to display a complete list of commands.
    Deprecated and bugus methods:
    1. The byte[] getBytes() method in java.lang.String is deprecated in Beta 1.
    2. Calling nextInt() on an instance of java.util.Random causes TINI to reboot.