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About this site

This site was begun and popularized by Guillaume Fournier (guillaume@junun.org). Guillaume's work enabled many people, myself included, to quickly make use of their brand-new TINI board.

Unfortunately, Guillaume can no longer maintain the site due to time constraints and asked for help from someone willing to update and maintain the content.

Aside from some style changes and some added material (notably, the TINI Frequently Asked Questions), this site is an updated version of Guillaume's. We intend to keep it up-to-date, add features, and most important of all, allow the TINI community to contribute to this site.

This web site is sponsored by jGuru, a company supporting Java developers. From their web site:

The purpose of jGuru is (1) to promote industry standards so that software development stays open and happens faster and (2) to create a level playing field in the industry for all developers, both companies and individuals, so that all technologies have their equal chance to be seen, tested, and adopted in the market.
For further information please visit About jGuru.

If you have any questions, comments, or complaints about this site, please direct them to me at webmaster@junun.org.