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Last updated : July 31st

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What's New?

July 21st TINI 1.01 is now available. This release has a few bug fixes and some 1-Wire API changes. The Getting Started pages are now updated for the 1.01 final release.

July 10th There is now a TINI WebRing, thanks to Byron Appelt of Vinculum Technologies. To learn more about WebRing, see What is a WebRing?. This site is now part of the WebRing. See the links at the bottom of this page to visit other TINI WebRing sites.

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What's Old?

Here are some older entries from "What's New":
June 7th TINI Interest Group Meeting at JavaOne today. Meet some of the people from DalSemi and from the TINI mailing list and get some free stuff too. See the announcement and the update. I will be there, and I hope to hear from some of you about how to make this site and the FAQs better.

June 2nd TINI 1.0 is now available! No more beta versions! This release has a few bug fixes and API changes from the final beta released last week. I've updated the Getting Started pages for the 1.0 final release.

May 23rd Beta 3.0 release is now available. This is the last beta release. The functionality of the TINI software is now fixed until the 1.0 release, scheduled for before the JavaOne convention on 6 June. There is a lot of new functionality in this release, see the Changes.txt file that comes with the software distribution for details. The Getting Started page will be updated for Beta 3.0 within the next few days.

April 24th New look, new host, updated content, but still basically Guillaume's site. There's a lot of changes in the works here, see About this site for more information.

March 28th Bug-fix release Beta 2.2 is now available. This release is strictly bug fixes - there is no new functionality. The Getting Started page is now current for Beta 2.2 firmware.

February 14th Bug-fix release Beta 2.1 is now available. This release is strictly bug fixes - there is no new functionality. Many of the bugs listed at http://tini.dalsemi.com/ seem to have been fixed - so be sure to visit that site and report all your bugs, Dallas Semiconductor is listening! The Getting Started page is now current for Beta 2.1 firmware.

February 7th Dallas Semiconductor has instituted a bug tracking system for TINI software. You can submit bugs, check on the status of the bug's you've reported, and search the list of know bugs. Go to http://tini.dalsemi.com/ for more details. If you have problems using the bug tracking system, you should e-mail bugreport@dalsemi.com.

December 18th Beta 2 is now available. There are many changes, including support for all serial ports, and both CAN controllers. The Getting Started page is now current for Beta 2 firmware.

November 5th Beta 1 has finally been released by Dallas crew. Major improvement : speed !. I have updated my Getting Started page so new user will have info on installing the new Beta 1 firmware.

October 18th I'm having a hard time updating the web site (more work lately...). There is so much information passing by the mailing list. So if you think I missed some important info, drop me a note and I will add it to the site ASAP. At least, the Getting Started page seems to help a lot of newbies out there.

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