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H-Bridge Kit


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Add four 1A DC motor drivers to your Mark III sensor board. Kit includes 2 Texas Instruments SN754410NE dual H-bridge chips, 4 green LEDs and 4 red LEDs to indicate motor direction, 4 1KOhm pull-up resistors, 1 74HC04 hex inverter, and 4 3-pin motor headers (Handyboard pinout).

Requires Sensor Board Kit
The circuit for these components is laid out on the optional Sensor board. To use the H-Bridge Kit with the Mark III, you must first purchase the Sensor Board Kit. You may still buy this H-Bridge Kit separately, but you will be responsible for interfacing it with your robot.

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Parts list

DesignatorDistributorDist. Part #Description
D1DigiKeyHLMP1700-NDRed T-100 LED
D2DigiKeyHLMP1700-NDRed T-100 LED
D3DigiKeyHLMP1700-NDRed T-100 LED
D4DigiKeyHLMP1700-NDRed T-100 LED
D5DigiKeyHLMP1790-NDGreen T-100 LED
D6DigiKeyHLMP1790-NDGreen T-100 LED
D7DigiKeyHLMP1790-NDGreen T-100 LED
D8DigiKeyHLMP1790-NDGreen T-100 LED
J5 & J6SamtecESQ-103-13-T-D100 mil header
J7 & J8SamtecESQ-103-13-T-D100 mil header
R1DigiKey1.0KEBK-ND1K Ohm 1/8W 5% resistor
R2DigiKey1.0KEBK-ND1K Ohm 1/8W 5% resistor
R3DigiKey1.0KEBK-ND1K Ohm 1/8W 5% resistor
R4DigiKey1.0KEBK-ND1K Ohm 1/8W 5% resistor
U1DigiKey296-9911-5-NDQuadruple Half-H Driver
U2DigiKey296-9911-5-NDQuadruple Half-H Driver
U3DigiKeyTC74HC04AP-NDHex Inverter