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Tigerbotics SpeakJet Development Board


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This is a full-function, stand-alone development board for the SpeakJet chip. (Does not include the SpeakJet Chip). The board has all the external components needed to make the SpeakJet function, and has additional switches and LEDs for directly exercising the chip during development. All chip functions are made available by external connections for remote operation. It is easily interfaced to any microcontroller, Basic Stamp, or OOPic. Because of the small size, it can easily be installed in your target application once your speech development is complete.

This board comes completely assembled, using surface mount parts and a socket for the SpeakJet Chip. See Larger Image for details of the board's features. Pictured Battery is not included.

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(A SpeakJet chip is needed to use this development board. If you don't have a SpeakJet chip, you can purchase one separately in our store. Or, for a better deal, save money by buying the Tigerbotics SpeakJet Development Board w/ SpeakJet Chip.)



There is a discussion and support group for the SpeakJet chip at