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Devantech MD22 5A Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver


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The MD22 is a Dual H-Bridge designed to drive two motors with 5V-50V and up to 5A each. Five distinct control interfaces (Analog, PWM, R/C, and I²C) make the MD22 easy to incorporate into your robot design.

The 15V MOSFET drive voltage is generated on board with a charge pump, so the module requires only two supply voltages;

  1. A standard 5V supply for the control logic, only 50mA maximum is required.
  2. Motor voltage, anything from 5VDC to 50VDC to suit your motors.
Control of the module can be any of:
  1. I²C bus, up to 8 MD22 modules, switch selectable addresses.
  2. 2 independent 0V-2.5-5V analog inputs. 0V full reverse, 2.5V center stop, 5V full forward.
  3. 0V-2.5-5V analog input, one channel for speed, one channel for steering.
  4. Independent Channel RC mode. Motors are individually controlled directly from the RC receiver output.
  5. RC mode with Steering. One channel controls speed, the other controls steering.
This item can be connected directly to a USB port on your computer using the optional USB to I2C Interface Module.

As-is, without a heatsink, the MD22 is rated at 5A continuous current per channel, with peak current as high as 290A. If you want to add a heatsink, the MOSFETs used on the MD22 can handle continuous currents of 27A per channel. Note: Do not attempt to exceed 5A continuous current without adding a proper heatsink. Doing so may damage your MD22.

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Voltage: 5V for logic, 5V - 50V for motor
Current: 50 mA Max. for logic, up to 5A for motor
Control 1: 2 independent channels of:
0V - 2.5V - 5V Analog for Reverse - Stop - Forward
Control 2: 0V - 2.5V - 5V Analog for Reverse - Stop - Forward with second channel for steering.
Control 3: RC Mode - Controlled by standard Radio Control system. Direct connection to RC receiver. (1mS - 2mS pulse with 1.5mS center off).
Control 4: RC Mode - with the first channel controlling the speed and second channel for steering.
Control 5: I2C Interface, full direct control. Up to 8 modules on bus. Two modes of operation, direct control of motors or the ability to send a speed and a turn command.
Size: 4.33 x 2.05 x 0.98 in.
110 x 52 x 25 mm