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Mark III Sensor Board Kit


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Sensor mezzanine board. Mount directly on top of the Mark III Controller Board to gain additional functions. Can be be used with either the OOPic or Standard version of the Mark III. Comes with the minimum number of parts needed to make the Sensor Board functional:
  • 1 bare PCB
  • 1 6-pin stacking header
  • 1 40-pin stacking header
  • 2 3-pin servo headers
  • 1 PCF8574 I²C Expander
  • 1 5-pin I²C connector
  • 1 6-position DIP switch
  • 1 Piezo Buzzer
  • 1 Handyboard-compatible 8-bit digital I/O port consisting of:
    • 1 22KOhm resistor network
    • 1 47KOhm resistor network
    • 1 8-pin female header
    • 1 dual-row 8-pin female header
Assembly required.

Printed Circuit Board has locations for:

None of these are included, and must be purchased as separate kits.

Picture shows a fully-stuffed prototype of the Sensor board. Actual Sensor board will have several minor differences. A new picture will be posted when available.

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The following schematic and PCB layout show the production version of the Sensor board.

Parts list

DesignatorDistributorDist. Part #Description
J1SamtecESQ-120-13-T-D40 pin 100mil pitch dual-row stacking header .435 board separation
J2SamtecESQ-103-13-G-D6 pin 100 mil pitch dual-row stacking header .435 board separation
J3SamtecTSW-103-23-T-S100 mil header
J4SamtecTSW-103-23-T-S100 mil header
J9Allied Elec.618-51618 Pin Header
J10Allied Elec.618-51648x2 Pin Header
J11DigiKeyA19471-ND100 mil I²C Connector
RP1DigiKeyQ9473-ND9-element common-terminal 47K Ohm resistor network
RP2DigiKeyQ7223-ND7-element common-terminal 22K Ohm resistor network
SW1DigiKeyCKN1280-NDDIP Switch 6-position
U4DigiKeyP9957-NDPiezo Buzzer
U6Future-ActivePCF8574APNRemote 8-bit I/O Expander for I²C Bus