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Mark III Controller Board Kit


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Controller board for Mark III. Just the electronics. Includes all the parts needed including PIC preprogrammed with the bootloader. Buy this item if you already have a robot base, motors, and sensors - this is just the "brains". Can also be used as a general-purpose PIC development board. Assembly required.

Picture shown is of a prototype - actual Controller board will have several small differences. A new photo will be posted when available.

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The following schematic and PCB layout show the production version of the Controller board.

Parts list

DesignatorDistributorDist. Part #Description
C1DigiKey1210PHCT-ND0.1uF axial capacitor 50V Z5U
C2DigiKey1210PHCT-ND0.1uF axial capacitor 50V Z5U
C3DigiKey1210PHCT-ND0.1uF axial capacitor 50V Z5U
C4DigiKey1210PHCT-ND0.1uF axial capacitor 50V Z5U
C5DigiKey1210PHCT-ND0.1uF axial capacitor 50V Z5U
C6DigiKey1210PHCT-ND0.1uF axial capacitor 50V Z5U
C7DigiKey1210PHCT-ND0.1uF axial capacitor 50V Z5U
C8DigiKeyP944-ND100uF radial aluminum electrolytic capacitor 16V
C9DigiKeyP944-ND100uF radial aluminum electrolytic capacitor 16V
C10DigiKey1210PHCT-ND0.1uF axial capacitor 50V Z5U
C11DigiKey1210PHCT-ND0.1uF axial capacitor 50V Z5U
C12DigiKey1210PHCT-ND0.1uF axial capacitor 50V Z5U
C13DigiKeyP901-ND33uF radial aluminum electrolytic capacitor 6.3V
C14DigiKeyP901-ND33uF radial aluminum electrolytic capacitor 6.3V
D1DigiKey1N4148DICT-ND1N4148 Fast Switching Diode
D2DigiKeyHLMP1700-NDRed T-100 LED
D3DigiKeyHLMP1790-NDGreen T-100 LED
J1SamtecTSW-120-23-T-D40 pin 100mil pitch dual-row header
J2DigiKeyA19471-ND100 mil I2C Connector
J3SamtecTSW-103-23-T-S100 mil header
J4SamtecTSW-103-23-T-S100 mil header
J5DigiKeyB3B-PH-K-S2.0mm 3-pin shrouded header
J6DigiKeyB3B-PH-K-S2.0mm 3-pin shrouded header
J7MouserK88-ED-9S-BR30DB9 Female PCB vertical mount
JP1SamtecTSW-103-23-T-D6 pin 100 mil pitch dual-row header
R1DigiKey1.0KEBK-ND1K Ohm 1/8W 5% resistor
R2DigiKey1.0MEBK-ND1M Ohm 1/8W 5% resistor
R3DigiKey4.7KEBK-ND4.7K Ohm 1/8W 5% resistor
R4DigiKey4.7KEBK-ND4.7K Ohm 1/8W 5% resistor
R5DigiKey7.5MEBK-ND7.5M Ohm 1/8W 5% resistor
R6DigiKey2.4MEBK-ND2.4M Ohm 1/8W 5% resistor
R7DigiKey56EBK-ND56 Ohm 1/8W 5% resistor
R8DigiKey22KEBK-ND22 KOhm 1/8W 5% resistor
R9DigiKey22KEBK-ND22 KOhm 1/8W 5% resistor
R10DigiKey22KEBK-ND22 KOhm 1/8W 5% resistor
R11DigiKey1.0KEBK-ND1K Ohm 1/8W 5% resistor
R12DigiKey1.0KEBK-ND1K Ohm 1/8W 5% resistor
R13DigiKey1.0KEBK-ND1K Ohm 1/8W 5% resistor
S1Allied Elec.900-0244600 mil 40 pin DIP socket
SW1DigiKey500SDP1S1M2QEADPDT Slide Switch
SW2DigiKey P8006S-ND 6.0mm Tact Switch
T1DigiKeyED1515-NDTerminal Block 3 positions 3.5mm spacing
U1DigiKeyPIC16F877-20/P-NDPIC16F877 DIP 40
U2DigiKeyMAX667CPA-ND250mA LDO Regulator
U3DigiKeyDS232A-NDDual RS-232 Transmitter / Receiver
Y1DigiKeyX909-ND20.00MHz Resonator w/caps