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Devantech CMPS03 Digital Compass


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This compass module has been specifically designed for use in robots as an aid to navigation. The compass uses two Philips KMZ51 magnetic field sensors, which are sensitive enough to detect the Earth's magnetic field. The two sensors are mounted at right angles to each other; the CMPS03 module uses this information to compute the direction of the horizontal component of the Earth's magnetic field to within 0.1 degree with an accuracy of 3-4 degrees. The CMPS03 outputs a unique number to represent the direction the robot is facing. Interfaces easily with the Mark III or your own robot design. Comes completely assembled - this is not a kit.

This item can be connected directly to a USB port on your computer using the optional USB to I2C Interface Module.

This product is made by Devantech. More information, applications, and code samples may be found on their web site.

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Voltage: 5V only Required
Current: 20 mA Typical
Resolution: 0.1 Degree
Accuracy: 3-4 degrees approx. after calibration
Output 1: Timing Pulse 1mS to 37mS in 0.1mS increments
Output 2: I2C Interface, 0-255 and 0-3599
SCL speed up to 1MHz
Size: 1.26 x 1.38 in.
32 x 35 mm
Low Cost: Best Price Compass Module Available