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Injection Molded Wheels


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These custom-made wheels are perfect for a small robot. This pair of wheels is injection molded out of ABS plastic. The spline is molded into the wheels so they attach directly to the servo, in place of the servo horn. Comes with a spare set of rubber traction band tires - a special rubber designed for cold temperature use is used to give these tires extra traction.

The molded-in spline is designed to fit Futaba, Tower Hobbies, and GWS servos. Will not work with Hitec servos.

Now in five new colors! If you want black, select the "Add to Cart" button on the right. If you want one of the new colors, click on the picture of the color you want to add it to your cart. (NOTE: We currently only have BLACK and WHITE wheels in stock.)

Extra Rubber Traction Bands are available in packages of 10 bands.

Optional ultra high-traction Tigerbotics Traction Tires to fit these Injection Molded Wheels are now available! Must be ordered separately.

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