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Celestial Horizons Basic Compiler
Flash Limited Edition
For the Mark III Robot Kit

CH Basic Compiler Flash Limited Edition Purchasers of Mark III Kit can download and license the Flash Limited Edition of Celestial Horizons' Basic compiler. This special edition of the Flash Basic Compiler is included in the price of the Mark III Complete Kit.

CH Basic is one of the four "supported" languages for the Mark III Kit, and is by far the easiest one to learn and become productive in. Celestial Horizons has made this compiler available to the Portland Area Robotics Society at a very low cost in order to promote robotics, especially through workshops and school projects.


You must purchase a Mark III Kit to be entitled to a license for the Flash Limited Edition. You can purchase the Mark III Kit at the Mark III Store. The software and license key are not enclosed with the kit, but are available from this page by following the procedures below.

Downloading the Flash Limited Edition Compiler

  1. Click on the logo to initiate download:

    CH Basic Compiler Flash Limited Edition

    (3.82 MB - 4,011,421 bytes)

  2. Save the downloaded file in a temporary directory (e.g. C:\WINDOWS\TEMP). Then unzip it into that directory or another directory.
  3. Run SETUP.EXE.
Please select the installation computer carefully! Be sure to install only on the machine that you use for programming the Mark III. While you can download the Flash Limited Edition file to anywhere, the license is only enabled for the computer used for installation.

The license ID Number generated by the installation procedure is unique, and the password that you receive will only allow the compiler to run on that specific machine.

For example, if you download and install the Flash Limited Edition on your desktop, you cannot later decide to run the compiler on your laptop.

Obtaining the Flash Limited Edition License

  1. The startup screen contains the ID Number (in red) that is required for generating the password. This ID Number is hardware based, so it will be different for everyone and depends on the hard disk. Cut and paste the ID Number from the startup screen to an e-mail.
  2. E-mail the ID Number, your name and e-mail address to:
    with the subject title: "Mark III Basic License". Remember, you must send all three:
    ID Number
    E-mail Address
    in order to obtain the license password. Your personal information is needed to generate the password.
  3. The password will be sent to your e-mail by Celestial Horizons.

Enabling the Flash Limited Edition License

  1. Startup the Flash Basic Compiler, e.g.
        C:\Program Files\CH Flash Basic\FlashBasic.exe
  2. Cut and paste the password to the box labeled "Input Password". Your compiler is now licensed.

Licenses for Group Buying

If you are buying multiple Mark III Kits for a workshop, a school project or any group, you must submit the kit recipients' names and e-mail addresses to so that we can validate that they are entitled to the license through your purchase. Each kit recipient will need to individually apply for a password through this web site. Their names and e-mail addresses will be checked against your list in order to establish eligibility. Individual license requests are necessary to provide us with the correct ID Number ensuring that the password recognizes the correct machine.

Support for the Flash Limited Edition

Support for Celestial Horizons Flash Limited Edition is available through the members of the MarkIII Discussion Forum on Yahoo! Groups. Mark Gross is the official proponent for running Basic on the Mark III. Sample code will soon be available in the software area of the official Mark III web site.

Getting the Flash Basic Programmer's Guide

The Flash Basic Programmer's Guide is available on-line here. Additional information is available from Celestial Horizons' Documentation and Example Code page and includes tutorials, a list of commands and the Flash Basic FAQ.

FAQ: Flash Limited Edition Basic Compiler from Celestial Horizons

What is the Celestial Horizons Basic Compiler Flash Limited Edition?
Celestial Horizons has made an arrangement with the Portland Area Robotics Society to license a special edition of the v. 3.7.0 Flash Basic Compiler for the Mark III Kits. Their intent is to make the compiler available at a very low cost to support the PARTS mission to promote robotics as well as the workshops and school projects for which the Mark III is intended.
What are the limitations of the Flash Limited Edition Compiler?
This is a fully functioning version of Celestial's high end Flash Basic compiler, v. 3.7.0. It is limited to supporting the PIC 16F877 chip that is used in the Mark III kits. Only a few commands have been removed. These functions are not needed in the Mark III. They are:
  • Analog Comparator (used on PIC16F627/628)
  • LCD functions (Initialization, printing characters and integers, printing floating point variables)
  • SPI communications
Do I get CH Scope Tool bundled with the Flash Limited Edition?
No, CH Scope Tool is an analog data collection utility not ordinarily used for robots.
What if I have not purchased the Mark III Kit?
You are not eligible for the Flash Limited Edition License. However, you can download an evaluation version or purchase the full Flash Basic Compiler from Celestial Horizons. Mark III kits are available at cost from the Mark III Store, and the right to license the Flash Limited Edition is included.
Can I upgrade to the full Flash Basic Compiler?
You can buy the full version of the Flash Basic Compiler from Celestial Horizons. You will receive a $10 discount, which was the cost of the Limited Editon Compiler made available with your kit. You additionally receive CH Scope Tool, an analog data collection utility that is free with the full compiler.
Can I use my license password on more than one machine?
No, the license password is only valid for the machine on which Flash Basic is installed.
What if updates become available for the Flash Limited Edition compiler?
The license agreement for the Celestial Horizon's Basic Compiler allows for free updates to the Flash Limited Edition as they become available. This is normally done by web download from this page.
What if I need my Flash Limited Edition compiler installed on a different machine?
When you purchase the Mark III Complete Kit, you might want to install the Flash Limited Edition on a second PC or laptop. Perhaps you need one copy at home or a second one in your workshop. Whatever the reason, Celestial Horizons will provide you with the extra licenses you need. So, if you require a second license, or you need to reinstall the compiler because you have just upgraded your PC, then please send the new ID number with your name and e-mail address to Remember to include all three: name, e-mail and ID number. Celestial Horizons will usually send the license within 24 hours.
Does the Flash Limited Edition license expire?
The Flash Limited Edition license does not expire. However, license requests for the password to enable your license must be made within the current calendar year (through December 31, 2002).
Where can I get additional information?
Example code and advice is available for the Mark III from the MarkIII Discussion Forum of Yahoo! Groups and on the software area of the Mark III web site.